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Financial Highlights

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 2013 FY2012 FY2011 FY
Period Ended12/31/201312/31/201212/31/2011
Balance Sheet ($000)   
Gross Depreciable Property5,204,3241,798,490209,326
Net Property Investment4,991,1381,742,380193,986
Finance Leases55,07900
Property Held for Sale: Nondepreciable6796651,818
Construction in ProgressNA00
Mortgage Loans26,27900
Senior Secured Debt1,507,969389,72277,727
Obligations under Capital Leases000
Senior Unsecured Debt2,051,56800
Total Subordinated Debt26,54800
Total Debt3,586,085389,72277,727
Total Liabilities3,816,816417,29380,790
Equity Attributable to Parent Company1,351,5721,531,694137,086
Noncontrolling Interests140,59416,4653,702
Total Equity1,492,1661,548,159140,788
Market Capitalization ($M) 2,600.32,372.2178.50
Implied Market Cap ($M) 2,715.52,393.6181.70
Total Capitalization ($M) 6,570.92,792.2259.40
Total Enterprise Value ($M) 6,534.12,635.3240.10
Total Enterprise Value Plus JV Debt ($M) 6,534.12,635.3240.10
Income Statement ($000)   
Rental Revenue238,79666,7933,970
Rental Net Operating Income218,90663,3093,750
Gain on Sale of Real Estate000
Interest Expense67,05111,947960
Extraordinary Items (20) (745) (852)
Net Income (411,717) (39,700) (4,804)
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int (5,212) (301) (105)
Net Income Attributable to Parent (406,505) (39,399) (4,699)
Net Income Avail to Common (410,136) (39,767) (4,699)
FFO (249,548) 1,901 (1,252)
Operating Funds from Operations, as ReportedNA46,906 (1,252)
Adjusted FFO163,91547,3952,334
Financial Analysis   
ROAA (%) (13.81)(3.46)NA
ROAE (%) (28.94)(4.41)NA
Implied Capitalization Rate (%) 5.735.57NA
Dividend Payout Ratio (%) NMNMNM
Dividend Yield (%) 7.316.768.41
FFO Payout (%) NMNMNA
FFO / Total Revenue (%) (103.33)2.81(31.52)
Price / LTM FFO (x) NMNMNA
Price / LTM AFFO (x) 14.90NMNA
Price / Last-twelve-months EPS (x) NMNMNA
Recurring EBITDA / Interest Expense (x) 2.271.36(0.92)
Recurring EBITDA / Interest Expense + Pref. Div. (x) 2.161.32(0.92)
Debt and Preferred / TEV (%) 59.0015.1232.37
Total Debt / Gross Properties (%) 68.9121.6737.13
Loans / Assets (%) 1.4600
Credit Lines Drawn / Available (%) 16.3583.0780.01
Changes and Trends (%)   
Same-store NOI: ChangeNANANA
Same-store Revenue: Change from PriorNANANA
FFO / Share GrowthNMNANA
EPS Growth, before ExtraordinaryNMNMNA
Real Estate Investment Growth192.31790.20NA
Per Share Information ($)   
Common Shares Outstanding202,344,455179,167,11217,162,016
Closing Price12.8513.2410.40
Basic EPS before Extra(2.35)(0.38)(1.04)
Diluted EPS before Extra(2.35)(0.38)(1.04)
FFO / Share(1.31)0.01NA
Operating FFO per Share, as ReportedNANANA
AFFO per Share0.860.31NA
Modified FFO per ShareNANANA
Common Dividends Declared per Share0.990.890.29
Debt Maturity Schedule ($000)   
Debt Maturing: Current FY212,452NANA
Debt Maturing: Next FY388,744NANA
Debt Maturing: FY2296,122NANA
Debt Maturing: FY31,313,534NANA
Debt Maturing: FY4689,563NANA
Debt Maturing: Thereafter643,215NANA
Principal Payments Schedule ($000)   
Debt Due this Fiscal Year249,784740
Debt Due during Next Fiscal Year381,574124,79388
Debt Due during Second Fiscal Year295,62713,76742,597
Debt Due during Third Fiscal Year1,317,45816,82013,752
Debt Due during Fourth Fiscal Year616,876164,96816,820
Debt Due Thereafter621,28969,3004,470
Adjustments to Debt Principal Schedule38,94100
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